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$mePersonal = [
["tea", "coffee"],
["books", "food", "chocolate", "gaming", "quotes", "shopping", "Christmas"],
["MacBookPro", "iPad", "iPhone", "RasPi", "AppleTV", "PS4", "Wii"],
["weird", "positive", "stubborn", "creative", "dreamer"]


$meTechnical = [
["iOS", "Responsive", "jQueryMobile"],
["HTML", "CSS/sass", "JS", "JQuery", "Ajax", "AngularJS"],
["Photoshop", "Illustrator"],
["PHP", "Python", "Objective-C", "C#", "PowerShell", "bash", "ASP", "VB", "JSON", "XML", "REST", "SOAP", "MVC (OO)"],
["MySQL", "MariaDB", "SQL Server"],
["MacOSX", "Windows", "Linux"]
["VirtualBox", "VMware"]

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Fun Projects

ESC Rating 2016 / Eurovision Song Contest Rating 2017 / 2018

iOS app

I like watching the Eurovision Song Contest and I love writing down my own scores and comments with the songs. Normally, I buy someone else's app, but last year (2016) there wasn't an app in the entire app store for that (iOS)! That's why I created this app. Since there is a rather short time period between announcing the order of the final contestants and the actual show (and you're never sure how long an app approval will take), I've made the app take its data from an external source. It also made the remastering of the app for 2017 fairly easy.

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Dinner Planner

iOS app

Dinner planner is an awesome app to help you plan your weekly dinners. Specify on which day of the week you'd like to begin and start adding meals. By adding ingredients to meals, you can easily create a shopping list, which you can share using Dropbox.

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G MyBooks R

PHP app

This is a small application to generate (and save) the list of books from your bookshelves on Goodreads. I've created this for offline reference, since the Goodreads app isn't available offline.

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Rainbow Duo

The Rainbow Duo is a series of comics about the adventures of two gay stick figures in love.

These comics are created by Natascha de Hoog and myself and are loosely inspired by our real life experiences. We come up with a general storyline together, usually with just the right amount of snacks and drinks. Later, Natascha gives them a voice, while I give them substance.


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